28 12, 2017

Mind over weight

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Is it time for a frank conversation when it comes to eating? Are you ready to let go of the inner struggle around body image and weight? Is it time for a breakthrough, to really look at the challenges surrounding your unhappiness with body image and weight issues? When it comes to your relationship with food, wouldn’t you like a way of eating and living that, could leave you truly free from guilt and stop letting it consume you, so you can enjoy a happier fulfilled life? So many men and women are literally consumed with the need to lose weight, be perfect, look the right way. It's all they talk and think about and it makes them miserable or is it!! During years of coaching what became apparent is, that it’s not only the weight issues that’s making them miserable! this is just the result. Having worked a long time in the industry, I made the decision that enough is enough and changed my approach because, I [...]

28 12, 2017

The Wheel of Life-Evaluate your life

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The Wheel of Life is a simple yet powerful tool for visualizing all areas of your life at once. Its great exercise for helping you create more balance and success in your life and to take action in the areas that need improvement. The Wheel of Life is powerful because it gives you a visual representation of the way your life is currently, compared with the way you'd ideally like it to be. It is called the "Wheel of Life" because each area of your life is mapped on a circle, like the spoke of a wheel. When one of the spokes is shorter than the others, it can throw the whole thing off balance When life is busy,and all your energy is focused on a certain area in your life, it's all too easy to find yourself off balance, not paying enough attention and neglect other important areas of your life. While you need to have drive and focus  sending too much of this in one area, [...]