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Meet Sharon

Hello and welcome to Elements of Life. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

I always used to find this page the hardest to write, because I never liked talking about myself. I am much happier listening to you and helping you discover who you are.

I used to put it down to being shy, lack of confidence or worried what people may think. However, through years of learning and working on my own self-awareness and self-esteem and, now honestly not worrying what people thought anymore, brought me to where I am today and, through my life experiences and education it brings me to you

I am so lucky that my passion, purpose and career has been something I have continued to grow with for over 30 years.

Having been in the health & wellness industry I have experienced a significant shift on how individuals view themselves in the world. The stresses that come with demanding careers and the social media stigma, on how we should look and act, in our personal and professional life has a massive impact on our confidence and self-esteem.

Just as an example my physical trainings sessions became more and more like life coaching session and, it became apparent that weight loss wasn’t the primary concern it, was all the other challenges in life that were making them gain weight or not able to lose weight due to stress and many other factors.

I realized that if I was going to help make a real change to people’s lives I had to start with the mind not the body.

Having seen this shift it empowered me to invest more in my education as a Master Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner to help individuals gain self-awareness, self-confidence, self-empowerment, Creating new habit to help develop their own life’s journey.

The pleasure I get from my job is to re-ignite passion, confidence and drive in individuals. My thirst for knowledge leads me to work alongside some of the most successful names in my industry. Working with some amazing coaches and clients that have helped me become the individual I am today. I believe I have a natural ability to help people to believe in themselves, achieve goals and to be more aware of their role in the world and be comfortable with it. We all have change within us, we just have to change our beliefs.

I hope you found comfort in the words and the courage to take the next step. I would love to hear from you even if it’s just to say ‘’Hi’’ or tell us a story that could inspire others.

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Health & Happiness

Sharon x

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