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Welcome to Elements of Life

Welcome to Elements of Life and thank you for visiting my website and taking that first step towards change and the next chapter of your life
Life coaching is all about re-engaging your senses with your authentic and genuine self, it is about unlocking the hidden dimensions of your life.

It is a journey, to where you absolutely know who you are, and what your purpose is. Giving you clarity and confidence to move forward with anything in your life.

The pleasure I get from my job is to re-ignite passion, confidence and drive back into individuals through my coaching and trainings. Providing the tools necessary to help you get to where you want to go. Leaving you with no confusion or conflict. Just clarity and drive.

We all have change within us, we just have to change our limiting beliefs.

Sharon James
Balance your life with Elements of Life

If things feel like they are getting on top of you either in your professional or personal life, Sharon has a way of getting you back on track back and, putting things back into perspective. After a session with Sharon, you will feel empowered and energised to live a fulfilling and rewarding life. You will stop worrying about things that haven’t happened and be more mindful about living in the now. Personally, I think we all need a coach from time to time to give you that push in the right direction. Sharon is a great listener and really opens your mind to new learnings.


I originally met Sharon by accident through work, I was about 6 weeks away from getting married and I had never been happy with the shape of my body. Sharon talked me through what I would like to achieve for the wedding and I can honestly say that I had never been so mentally motivated towards a goal as I was for the Wedding. Not only has her training helped me look better but I now also feel better.

I am absolutely delighted by the support, advice and provided by Sharon. I always looked forward to our sessions together. I feel motivated and confident and the results of the work which we have done together are superb. I would highly recommended sharon to anyone seeking an experienced, qualified and all round excellent Life Coach.


One-on-one coaching sessions have become part of my companys internal processes. We have realized the power of these employee focused sessions with a personal development coach has a transformational impact both on the individuals being coached and the business.  John


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